Shape your Future Workforce With Skills based Talent Acquisition

Managing Director / Chief Information Officer
29 November 2021 at 17.00 to 18.00
Marwa Bezzaouia
One in three skills will be obsolete in less than four years – How to react?

The digital-skills gap is hampering the acceleration of digital adoption around the world.
- 73% of CEOs cite skills shortages as a threat to their businesses
- 40% of hiring managers say their most recent hire is no better off in terms of having the skills needed to meet future challenges

We are witnessing the biggest skills shortage in history.

How to fill the GAP?

By shaping the workforce instead of replacing it.

A coherent and innovative approach to workforce planning & management is required to enable the skills' transformation.

The High Impact Recruitment of Experts in Digital (HIRED) enables this shift for this new approach.

If you are an executive willing to bridge the digital skills gap in your company, this webinar is for you.

Then join us on the 29th November at 17.00 
17:00 | Introduction
17:05 | Raffaele Jacovelli – Enabling Digital Transformation Through Talents Acquisition & Reskilling
17:25 | Saskia Van Uffelen – Presenting the digital agenda for Belgium
17:45 | Sabine Everaet – The CIO perspective on this digital skills shortage
18:05 | Georges Ataya – High Impact Recruitment of Experts in Digital (HIRED).
18:25 | Conclusion & Closing