It has become a common misconception that the advent of Social Networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook has eliminated or reduced the need for professional Executive Search services.

Staying on top of technology is the only way that the vast pools of information that the Internet and Social Networks provide can be rendered coherent and useful in the search for leadership candidates.

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Working with an International Search Partner

In this interview, conducted by Dale Zupsansky - Executive Editor, Editor-in-Chief at Hunt Scanlon Media our MD Raffaele Jacovelli shares the value add of working with a search firm, points out the differences between a boutique and generalist firm, and describes his firms “glocal” approach to recruiting

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Raffaele Jacovelli

Managing Partner


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I recently participated in a half-day of debates at the European Parliament in Brussels.

There was plenty of talk about infrastructural investments, funding, and equal access across markets, butthere was a piece missing from the discussion: a solid plan for dealing with the human aspect of digital transformation

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How a supportive talent strategy helps organizations thrive in the digital age.

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Digital transformation is no longer the sole domain of IT developers and coders. The evolution towards digital solutions is beginning to encompass all industries.

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As our clients increasingly want to assess and benchmark their human capital, we get called in to deploy a variety of techniques.

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Companies need to identify proper strategies to face the turmoil, and unfortunately there isn’t a simple recipe.

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