Sustainability Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

Energy and Costs Saving 


We pay the highest attention to all possible energy and costs savings to respect the environment and reduce overheads. In particular and for this reason we have implemented an advanced cloud based system that enables the people involved to perform their tasks on-lineanytimeanywhere, as it will have the following benefits:


  • Energy and costs saving from unnecessary commuting – most of our Partners operate from their home-office and are always connected via internet, we make intensive use of voice and video-conferencing and all state-of-the-art 
  • collaborative working tools.
  • We do a thorough upfront telephone and CV screening of candidates to avoid unnecessary travel.
  • Energy and costs saving minimizing the amount of paper to be printed – we have a paper and obsolete equipment recycling policy.
  • Energy and costs saving when travelling-- we travel by train and in general by public transport, versus planes, whenever possible. For long distance we use low cost airlines when possible. 



    Corporate Social Responsibility

    We are committed to help our clients find the right candidate for the job or the right solution to their problems in a dedicated and committed way. We do not give up until our Client’s problem is solved and we work in close cooperation and full transparency with the Client’s managers and HR.

    Hightech Partners - ITP is a member of the Belgian Executive Search Association (BEXSA- to be found at which in turn is member of the AESC. We have signed their “Code of Ethics and The Professional Practice Guidelines” that handles the way we interact with Clients, Candidates, Contractors and the Public and that sets the standard for executive search professionalism and confidentiality.