FastTrack Talent Acquisition Programme Launch

Press Release: Hightech Partners – ITP launches a new Service: the FastTrack Talent Acquisition Programme.


Brussels, November 7, 2013 Hightech Partners with its 28 year focus on executive search in the Technology Sector is announcing the launch of its 2014 FastTrack Talent Acquisition Programme. 

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“Technology Businesses share a common challenge of getting the right people on board early enough in the new year to achieve Quarter 1 & 2 objectives, failure to do this causes many organisations to experience a slow start to the year’s revenues and places more pressure on Q3 & 4” said Richard Lowe of Hightech Partners. "If the search for the right new executives starts only after annual budgets get finalised during November and December there is a considerable risk that Top Performers, many of whom are not actively looking for a new role, take longer to identify, approach and engage hence start dates can be as late as halfway through the year.”

The FastTrack Talent Acquisition Programme is a “long range” approach, which means suitably qualified top performers can be identified now, before specific job roles and locations are finalised. The timescale to hire is, as a result, dramatically reduced and a fast start to Quarter 1 assured, with new hires able to attend important year start meetings, training and customer engagements.

Our FastTrack accelerates an organisation’s ability to execute new business plans by not just finding the right new talent quicker than other approaches but also addresses the capabilities of existing employees to move into new roles to support the new business plan.

Programme phases are:

Phase 1: Needs Analysis

  1. Elicit through our proven methodology the ideal personal profiles (track record, skills & knowledge) for new job roles in support of new products /services / markets.
  2. Optimise/benchmark existing employees by assessment to map into the 2014 plan requirements. A high level view can then be followed by more detailed assessment as required.
  3. Gap Analysis to identify the profiles not matched by the existing organization and define consequent recruiting priorities.
  4. Construction of employer Value Proposition and Talent-go-to-market model designed to attract the top performers and most qualified executives.
  5. Business analysis of key competitors capabilities and organisation delivers a go-to-market benchmark.

New markets or services will mean new employees will need different knowledge & skills and come from different backgrounds compared to existing employees.

A key element of our methodology is a workshop involving Line and HR Managers that we can facilitate to efficiently address the above items.

Phase 2: Talent Scouting and On Boarding

  1. Talent Scouting has started throughout phase 1 and by phase 2 our Partners have identified sources of talent and actual talents available that matches the clients' 2014 needs
  2. Search, interview and short list candidates more rapidly and with more detailed insight than any other approach using our personal network and database of 25,000 industry relevant profiles, knowing where to find the right people and making a compelling first approach.
  3. FastStart – support the on boarding process with first 90 plans to reduce the time taken to a net return from the newly hired people
  4. Coach & train – the leadership team and key contributors with the skills required to deliver the 2014 business plan objectives

Each phase and sub-tasks are self-standing and can be performed independently from the others taking into account specific clients' needs. Pricing is adjusted accordingly, hence every project is subject to an ad hoc quotation.

“By closely examining the 2014 Business Plan objectives, and using our deep experience in the High Tech Sector we can accelerate the process of resourcing the plan with the right people said Bert Vermeiren. Risk of a slow start to 2014 is, by this approach, reduced and a higher degree of success assured.”

“Our state of the art web 2.0 system enables line managers to have full access to the hiring process online anytime for instant status but, our objective at Hightech Partners, is to free their time to run the business and only meet duly qualified shortlisted candidates said Raffaele Jacovelli.”


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