HTP's Partner Stefano Tresca gets endorsed by Stephane Kasriel for his Future Cities best-seller book


Our Partner Stefano Tresca get the endorsment for his best-seller "Future Cities"

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March 6, 2018 Brussels, Belgium – Hightech Partners (HTP) is proud of the recognition of the success of Stefano Tresca's book "Future Cities", which beside being a bestseller has been put in the top-20 reading list of Stephane Kasriel - Upwork's CEO

One of our recently joined, London based Partner, Stefano Tresca, has recently published an insightful new book, which beside becomining rapidly a best seller, has been recognised as a must read.

The book, which has been written gathering insights and interviews with 42 global Influencers, Startups and Investors, provides a unique perspective of what to expect, according to these innovative leaders: tech and investment trends in smart cities, drones, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, driverless cars, Internet of Things and other innovations that used to be sci-fi just a few years ago.

Future Cities
Your Neighborhood Will Never Be the Same.

By 2030 nearly 70% of the world’s population will be residents of a city. That means 3 billion more people will be living in cities in the next 30 years. Our generation is destined to witness an incredible number of new cities and new buildings built to host our new neighbours. Once these cities are built, they won’t be built again. And they won’t be changed easily either.

As in the tale of Alice in Wonderland, to get the right answers, you first have to find the right questions. I don’t have all the answers—nobody does—but I’ve collected many interesting tools along the road. These tools may help you and me to understand current and future trends in tech and culture. It’s a small competitive advantage, but in the coming days it may be essential.

Enjoy the insights and the interviews. If you don’t agree, feel free to contact me. I welcome any challenge. This isn’t a one-way conversation, after all. This is a global game.

To have further reading with additional highlights of the book, please follow this link.

The book is available on Amazon

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