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What blockchain could do for recruitment in a gig economy

Another upcoming potential disruption of the recruitment industry


How to develop leaders that drive growth

Executive Coaching underpinned with Birkman Assessment Methodology


We’re missing the human part of digital transformation, here’s how to fix it

I recently participated in a half-day of debates at the European Parliament in Brussels.

There was plenty of talk about infrastructural investments, funding, and equal access across markets, butthere was a piece missing from the discussion: a solid plan for dealing with the human aspect of digital transformation


Helping organizations thrive in the digital age

How a supportive talent strategy helps organizations thrive in the digital age.


6 Key Personality Traits for Disruptive Innovation Leaders

Digital transformation is no longer the sole domain of IT developers and coders. The evolution towards digital solutions is beginning to encompass all industries.


The Need for Faster Action to Acquire Talent in a World of High-Speed Change

Often the process of getting the right people employed into the right jobs at the right time to achieve operational objectives has lagged behind because the yearly budget process gets finalized too late.


4 Techniques for Assessing Human Capital

As our clients increasingly want to assess and benchmark their human capital, we get called in to deploy a variety of techniques.


Management Team Audits

From time to time, our Clients avail themselves of our Management Audit/Assessment Services.

They do so not because of any perceived failure in their management system, rather because of business demands, and a renewed focus on good Governance.


The Search for Leaders in the era of Social Networks

It has become a common misconception that the advent of Social Networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook has eliminated or reduced the need for professional Executive Search services.

Staying on top of technology is the only way that the vast pools of information that the Internet and Social Networks provide can be rendered coherent and useful in the search for leadership candidates.


The Top Ten Things You Need To Consider When Selecting A Search Firm

In selecting your provider of Technology Executive Search and Assessment services, does your company apply the same criteria as it does for all of its other procurement activities or does it have specific criteria that address the rapidly evolving Technology sector?


Merger & Acquisitions: How to choose an Advisor

Companies need to identify proper strategies to face the turmoil, and unfortunately there isn’t a simple recipe.


Assessing Candidates Internal versus External

We as search specialists are frequently asked to include and assess one or more internal candidates in the executive search process to staff a vacancy.


How do you choose one Search Consultant over another?

One of our partners has had the unique experience of rotating more than once between Senior Executive positions in the high-tech industry and the Executive Search and Assessment field, and he gives some insights on this subject.


Why Use a Retained Executive Search Firm?

With all of the traditional recruitment tools available today along with in-house recruitment organisations, why should a company pay an up-front fee to a search firm to help them fill a position?

There is no question that internal recruitment organisations can be effective at high volume recruiting. Moreover many of them get help from so called e-Researchers who solicit cv's from a large population of potential candidates and pass them on to client companies.


New Developments in the Executive Search business

The world of Executive Search and Assessment has changed. These days Clients require a variety of additional and complementary services, provided on increasingly flexible terms from their chosen Search firm.


Mentoring as an aid to Management Development

The well managed enterprise not only has a crisp assessment of its human capital but also effective programs for the personal development of its managers. The more senior a manager, the more he or she needs a personally tailored development path and feedback. We are frequently asked to provide customised mentoring to help promising executives achieve their potential.


Recruitment of Women to Board Positions

Among the growing concerns of our clients has been diversity and parity at senior levels of management. This has been fostered by pressure from organizations themselves and from legislators in several countries. At Hightech Partners we have seen these concerns emerge in the technology sector across Europe.

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