Seasons Greetings 2019 Linkedin Campaign

Year end is approaching along with the festive season and to complement our traditional Seasons’ Greetings, this year we have decided to offer you the opportunity to invest in your personal development!

Since several years we’ve adopted the well renown Birkman Method® to help Executives to better steer their career. Herewith we are offering you the possibility to take a Free of Charge self-assessment, following the link below:


Upon completion – allow 30/40 min of quiet time to fill it – you will receive by Birkman in 48 hours the PREVIEW of your personalised report (click on PREVIEW or FULL SIGNATURE REPORT to download examples of the reports).

If you want to exploit the full potential, one of our certified Birkman consultants can prepare for you the extensive FULL SIGNATURE REPORT and take you through it during a briefing session. Until the end of Q1 2020 we offer you this service at a reduced price of € 1.500 instead of € 2.750 (that of course will be charged to your company).

The Birkman Method® is unique since it not only highlights the Usual Behavior Usual Behavior, but also Interests Interests, Needs Needs and Stress Behavior Stress Behavior.

You may want in the future to practice this kind of exercise with your team, to improve its efficiency, agility and transformation capability.
We will be more than happy to answer any questions before and after the exercise via the dedicated channel
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


We wish you and your family a happy festive season and a 2020 plenty of success and a fruitful journey towards your personal development.

HTP's Leadership Consulting Team.


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