Marjolein believes people make companies. They innovate, connect, and make things work. As such, it is more important for her to find the right person when running an executive search than simply the most qualified candidate on paper. A person’s education and work history are important, but not more than their personal skills and quality of character. New employees can’t just fill an opening. They must deliver added value that helps a company grow and prosper.

Marjolein also works with executives to make sure they excel in life. As a registered career coach, specializing in personal development and performance, she helps hone a person’s skills, whether in their current job or a new one, to make sure he or she is performing at the highest level possible. She ensures success.

Since leaving university, Marjolein has worked all over Europe and the United States recruiting candidates and developing personnel for a variety of corporations, including Volkswagen, Hyperion Solutions - Oracle, and Aqeuro Holding B.V. Her hero is Ricardo Semler, CEO and majority owner of Semco Partners, a Brazilian company best known for its radical form of industrial democracy and corporate re-engineering.



Areas of Expertise

Marjolein is an experienced recruiter and career coach, dedicated to helping people & companies in Information, ICT, and Digital Transformation.


Core Competencies

Talent Management ● People Development ● Career coaching and counseling ● Jobhunter-headhunter ● Product & business development ● Innovative behavior ● Company culture ● Personal and professional development ● and Performance improvement.



Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam (Free University Amsterdam)

Bachelor of Science anthropology and psychology 


Hogeschool voor Sociaal en Agogisch Onderwijs, de Horst

Two specialties

• Personnel management & Management

• Organisation, Development & Education