Hightech Partners releases the result of the European Cybersecurity State of the Profession 2024 Survey

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Brussels, June 12, 2024 – Hightech Partners releases the 2024 European Cybersecurity State of the Profession Survey developed in cooperation with European Cyber Security OrganizationSolvay Brussels School Economics & Management  and Ataya & Partners

With the fast adoption of Generative AI, Cybersecurity importance grows at the same pace, due the wider ammunitions that the hackers can use to harm legitimate business and insitutions.

For this reason we believe that remains important to monitor the evolution of the profession in Europe, hence the decision to continue with reinforced committment the partnership with ECSO and Solvay School of Economics Management,to run the second edition of the survey on the state of the professsion.

Below a summary of the Key Insights and Trends. For a full reading is possible to download the full 43 pages report, clicking on the Cover Page iconized on the right.

European Cybersecurity Professionals survey 2024: Key Insights and Trends


The cybersecurity landscape in Europe continues to evolve, with significant changes observed in demographics, education, certifications, and career trends among professionals. This year's survey reveals intriguing developments across several dimensions of the field.


Gender Dynamics
The gender distribution in cybersecurity showed a remarkable shift in 2024. While men still hold a significant portion of roles, the representation of women has increased substantially, though the percentage of female CISOs remains disproportionately low. What might be driving this change?

Geographic Trends
Belgium has overtaken Italy as the leading country for cybersecurity professionals. The data reflects the growing prominence of Brussels and Madrid as key cybersecurity hubs in Europe. What does this mean for regional cybersecurity strategies?

Education and Expertise

Educational Attainment
Master’s degrees dominate among cybersecurity professionals, with a notable increase in those holding PhDs. This may indicate a rising emphasis on advanced theoretical knowledge in the field. What implications does this have for aspiring cybersecurity professionals?

Self-Reported Expertise
Risk management continues to lead as the most reported field of expertise. The growing focus on Identify and Access Management suggests shifting priorities within cybersecurity roles. Why is this area gaining traction?

Soft & Hard Skills

Soft Skills
In 2023 the CISO’s (59%) indicated already that the Communication was the most important ability while Professionals (47%) felt that Assertiveness was relevant. This year both  score Communication as the must have with a staggering 95% for the CISO’s, followed by Confidence and Resilience.

Such an increase is not surprising given that the ability to communicate with the board and the rest of the organization is key as the best way to manage the risk is evangelize increasing the prevention via awareness.

Where and how such need will be addresses? None of the current Certifications and formal Education, even at Master level address such expectation.

Hard Skills
The most relevant shift is related to the swap in importance between Business Risk Management that ranked the first last year, with Management, Leadership and Influence. While this is an excellent news, as states the self-consciousness of the need to act effectively at C-level, once again this indicates a real demand for adequate programs to achieve such skills. The question arising is then where such programs are available in Europe?

Career Dynamics

Seniority and Mobility
The majority of professionals have been in their current roles for fewer than four years, highlighting high mobility within the industry. This trend is even more pronounced among CISOs, many of whom have recently transitioned into their roles. How does this impact organizational stability and security strategy?

Career Pathways
There is a notable increase in professionals contemplating leaving the field, driven by factors like insufficient compensation and slow career progression. Conversely, many seek to advance within the hierarchy or transition into business services, indicating a desire for broader influence and opportunities. What strategies are effective in retaining top talent?

Compensation and Stress

Salary Insights
Salaries vary widely, with a significant portion earning below €50k, while a select group earns over €200k. The gender pay gap is less pronounced, but women are still underrepresented in the highest salary brackets. How can the industry address this disparity?

Stress Levels
Stress remains a prevalent issue, with many professionals experiencing high levels of stress, influencing their career aspirations. Those under higher stress are more inclined to pursue executive roles. What measures can organizations take to mitigate stress and improve job satisfaction?


This report highlights the dynamic nature of the cybersecurity profession in Europe, emphasizing the need for continuous skill development and strategic workforce planning. The full report delves deeper into these findings, offering detailed analyses and actionable insights.

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In the report, you would be able to gather some interesting evidence, for example, related to the career development patterns, to compensation levels and ranges, training related plans, and the level of stress associated to the role that appears to be among the hightest in the IT sector. For a comprehensive analysis and detailed insights into the evolving cybersecurity landscape, download the full survey report.

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