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How to develop leaders that drive growth

In these times of inevitable and even pressing digital transformation, executive coaching in all its forms (see box) can support companies in giving their managers the necessary orientation and guidance. Developing them will literally "lead the company to success".

Companies are only as successful as their leaders.

Leaders act as multipliers in their companies, but that unfortunately also counts in a negative way if they are not aligned. It is important to establish a management culture within the company in which each individual executive is set up in such a way that they can make their contribution to the success of the company in the best possible way.

Coaching Types

Coaching Visual

Targeted executive coaching, a guide to successful leadership

At Hightech Partners we believe that leading is about connecting with people, not just setting the strategic direction of a team. True connection and understanding allow leaders to motivate and empower the human capital within their organizations. Targeted Executive Coaching supports leaders in developing astute awareness of their behavior and how it is received by others.

Accurate awareness of one’s own personality is the cornerstone for successful leadership development. Only when well attuned and aware of themselves and their environments, can leaders have lasting impacts on those looking up to them, far beyond the implications of their roles.

Birkman Method: a deep personality analysis

We underpin our Hightech Partners Executive Coaching using the Birkman Method. With more than 65 years of proven reliability and validity, The Birkman Method is a scientifically developed, multi-dimensional assessment that combines behavioral and occupational data to better understand oneself and others — both in and out of the workplace. At Hightech Partners we use the Birkman data to provide deep analysis of personality and pave the way for in-depth conversations with organizations, their leaders and teams.

In the coaching process we use the four core aspects of personality, measured by Birkman, including Interests, Usual Behavior, Stress Behavior, and underlying Needs. By reaching further into more complex behavioral components, we are able to ray the unique leadership styles of executives. Thereby we help them to consistently leverage their own strengths and mitigate negative and reactive behaviors, empowering them to become better leaders of others. In addition, we are able to provide leaders deeper self-awareness and others-awareness, giving them insights into what their team members need to be at their best.

Birkman Tool

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